Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So much to say

So many things happen in a day that I'm having a lot of trouble picking specific things to write about. To remedy this, I've decided to just make a list of interesting facts. If anyone would like further explanation, please comment and I'll elaborate.

1) I got locked out of the house yesterday. It was dramatic, traumatizing and I found a way to break in. And it resulted in a large bruise on my right butt cheek. Not fun.

2) Asian grocery stores mean it when they say "2 apples for 1.69". You can't buy one or three. The clerks get really confused and have to call their manager over. It's really irritating.

3) IKEA is the greatest place ever. I'm really sad we don't have one at home in Kansas. Or Missouri. Or Oklahoma. Or Nebraska. WTF?!

4) Watching Sex and the City with my fiance while drinking Vanilla Cranberry Vodkas (aka Cheesecakes) might be one of the most enlightening/interesting things to do.

5) There are no trash cans in food courts. I know! It's crazy that such a clean country doesn't have a trash can to throw away your garbage. Apparently they're that crazy about customer service and like to clean it up for you.

6) Chicken rice might be my favorite Asian food ever. We had it last night and it was delish. :)

7) No fruit punch or lemonade as the staple non-carbonated drinks in food stands. They instead carry flavors like Water chestnut, Rose and Lime with sugar syrup.

8) Durians really do stink. Bad. They have a stand in the middle of the grocery store to cut them and wrap them up in cellophane to protect the noses of others on your way out.

9) I love Asian soup spoons. So much more practical than western spoons for soup.

10) I can't wait to marry Aaron. This is what happy feels like.


Cori said...

As your big sis, let me give you some free advice:

Drinking alcohol + Watching SATC = Ava & Cooper

Think about it.

Also, I'm so glad you're happy. Even though I don't want you to go...:(

Megan said...

Ha ha ha ha. TMI Sis. I was referring to the fact that my fiance bashed Aidan for being a scam artist and insincere. He claims that men only put on that fascade to lure women into bed anyway.

P.S. by happy I mean with him, not so happy about being so far far away. The videos made me really homesick yesterday, but I loved every minute of them.

Cori said...

I was j/k with you about SATC. (swear.)

And tell Aaron that Aidan was the only sincere guy on that show EVER.

Cori said...

By the way, be careful breaking into your own house. They seem to have so many crazy laws there ("No gum chewing"), that I don't want you to end up like Claire Danes in that cheesy movie who rots away in a prison cell in Thailand, or wherever she is. I'd have to come rescue you, and airfare for my whole gang would be a bitch. (I'm not allowed to travel alone until Cooper is 18, per my husband's instructions. I think he finds the children a bit of trouble to deal with alone.)