Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I couldn't be a housewife in Singapore

Singaporean TV on the base is bad. So bad that we often watch shows that I won't even admit to other people. We get about ten channels and when Aaron's at work, here are my choices of programming:

3) Australian outback vegetation on the Australian channel.

5) Bulletin board--the base's upcoming events powerpoint that plays on repeat all day with a blue screen

6) AFN Sports--whatever sports game is playing at the time (this obviously ends before noon)

7) CNN--stale CNN, like 2-3 days old

8) This channel is for random cancelled shows from back home. So they're usually bad. Think Psych and Beauty and the Geek.

9) Finally we might get a good show every once and a while. Like now, Oprah is on and I feel like it must be Christmas. I haven't seen her beautiful, warm round face in weeks!

I almost forgot to mention the commercials. The military will not let us see the commercials from back home for some reason. They've instead replaced them with commercials about how not to be a dumbass and suck at life in the military. I'm not even joking. There's one about how you shouldn't shake your baby. Another one is about how you should blend in to your surroundings so that you won't attract terrorists' attention. My favorite is the one where they tell you that when you get married, you should consider how to fix your living will to include your spouse. This commercial is complete with an 80's bride and she and her new husband are actually arguing about this at the altar. It's complete with bad lighting and atrocious acting. I will say that these commercials are entertaining though.

I can escape if I really need. We have the Slingbox which will play American TV from home through our computer, but the down side is that it will play on the same time frame. So you can imagine my choices at noon, which is 2am back home.

I need a job as soon as I get back in seriously.


Cori said...

Oh sis, that IS bad tv. Can you buy dvd seasons of your fave shows in malaysia? Also, what do the employment possibilities look like?

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting to experience another culture. You are so lucky, even though the TV sucks ;).

Mel said...

um I would just like to state that psych and beauty and the geek have not been cancelled in the US and some ppl still really enjoy them. lol.