Monday, February 18, 2008

A trip to Malaysia

Saturday, Aaron and I took a trip to Malaysia. We took a bus to the border (which ended up taking us like over an hour, but that's another story). The real drama happened on the bus.

Someone on the bus sat behind me and threw balled up pieces of gum into my hair! What the hell? For one, gum is illegal in Singapore and two, what the hell did I do to deserve that? We didn't even notice it until we were almost in Malaysia and off of the bus. Aaron had to sit there and pick out the pieces cuz I was gagging. Oh the irony. we got into Malaysia. It is a shithole. Pardon my French, but there is no other way to describe the hell that is Malaysia. It smells very bad. And it is dirty. Dirty to the point that immediately upon setting foot inside the country, you want to shower...forever. There is a line of skanky Teksi (Taxi) drivers that holler at you like Polynesian pimps as you walk past and they make you feel like you're a skeezy person just for entering the country. It's bad. Very bad.

The whole reason we went to Malaysia was for three things: cheap pedicures, cheap massages and cheap DVDs. Our pedicures cost less than 24 US dollars combined, our massages cost less than 75 US dollars combined and we got 12 DVDs for about 30 US dollars. Pretty sweet.

So the country is a complete toilet, but there are some perks.

DISCLAIMER: (I've been told that other areas of Malaysia are quite nice. We were only in Johor Bahru)

Below are the pics of the Hyatt resort where we got our massages.


Cori said...

Hmmmm...are you saying that Aaron got a pedicure too? I've never known a guy who got a pedi, much less a NAVY guy. But that's okay, it's very metrosexual of him.

Cori said...

Oh, by the way, you should work for the Malaysian board of tourism.