Sunday, March 23, 2008

40 days and 40 nights

The wedding is officially 40 days away. I really cannot wait and not just for the day itself, but also so I can be married to this really amazing guy...AND he seriously needs a nutritionist.

The other day Aaron ate only buffalo wings and ice cream for dinner. Then he had a stomach ache all night. OMG. Sorry to call you out babe, but seriously.

He also eats an entire bag of chips in one day and I've seen him eat a family size tube's worth of Pillsbury cookies in 2 days.

His metabolism is faster than Speedy Gonzales on crack. He has no idea how lucky he is. Anyone else with his eating habits would weigh 500 pounds. I can't wait till I can monitor this food intake. Even though he can't get fat, I just want to make sure he's not eating crap everyday. (Uh oh Sis, maybe the mothering gene is kicking in after all.)

Speaking of marriage related stuff, I've gotten really into this new reality show called "Here Comes the Newlyweds" and it's great. Pre-engaged Megan would have hated this show and thought it was sickening. Now, I think it's awesome. Basically, there are couples that compete to win a huge money prize by doing challenges that mimick married life. The challenges really show how much the couple knows about each other and reveals just how close they are.

Tonight, the challenge was that the men had to go into a store and buy their wife a bra, underwear, top, bottom, jacket and belt. The catch...they had to get the right sizes in everything and they had to like it. Seriously, if Aaron and I were on this show, we'd have these challenges in the bag. He could walk into a store and pick out all of those things in exactly the right size and I'd love it. He'd even prove me wrong by getting a size I didn't think would fit, but actually does. The show also had a grocery shopping challenge. That'd be cake for us too. These people are ridiculously bad at this stuff. How are they married? Do they even speak to each other? Put us on the friggin' show. We would be awesome.

So yeah, I'm pretty excited to be old and married.

Now if only I could convince him to take "Heffley" as his name....(just jokes).


Cori said...

I can't even think of a witty comment. I feel slightly nauseated that you watch a show similar to the 1970's "The Newlywed Game". You are spending too much time alone. Come over.

Megan said...

Oh wah wah. You watch the Wiggles and Scooby Doo past the age of 10. You have no room to judge, Mary Poppins. :)