Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I heart Milo

I found Milo! It might have been one of the happiest days I've ever had.

Milo is this delicious drink that Aaron introduced me to in Singapore. It's made by Nestle and it originated in Australia. It's insanely popular in Malaysia (Wikipedia says they consume 90% of Milo's products), Singapore and surrounding areas. They sell iced Milo in almost every fast food restaurant including McDonalds. The Asians love it. I'm sold too.

Milo is described as a chocolate malt energy food drink. It is much more delicious than the description. It's like a creamy melted milkshake. I'm mildly obsessed.

I found it at the Chinese food market that I buy my phone cards at. They sell Milo in powder form or liquid. Since I'm kinda "special" at times and lazy (see Sis, I admit it), so I buy the liquid. Really though, I'd be somewhat devastated if I messed up the Milo while trying to mix a powder concoction. It's way too high on a pedestal for me to break it down by messing it up.


Cori said...

That sounds very yummy. I want to try some.

Megan said...

When I grow up and have money like real people, I'll buy a whole bunch so I can have people try it.