Sunday, March 9, 2008

Showered and excited

My bridal shower was today. It was perfect! My sister did such an amazing job with everything. We had cute little rollup sandwiches, cheesecake bites, mini eclairs, cupcakes, veggies, strawberries and this delicious punch concoction that she whipped up. She's pretty much a rock star.

There were a lot of people there and for the first time ever at a Heffley function, I think we were outnumbered! The Spreers came in full force. I had met them all before, but it was kind of a long time ago and I had to reintroduce myself to remember all of their names. I'm very excited to be joining such a sweet family. Everyone was very welcoming and eager to talk about the wedding. I really can't wait for May 2.

We got all kinds of really cool stuff. Even the stuff that wasn't on the registry totally rocked! My friends and family have impecable taste.

44 days till Aaron comes home. 54 days till I become Mrs. Aaron. Can I just pack everyone up with my stuff and take them to Singapore with me?


Cori said...

Oh, I thought he was going to be Mr. Megan. Just when I think your training is complete, two steps back. ;)
Glad you had fun today. Love you!

Megan said...

Ha ha. Sis, I'm playing the game. Make him think he's the boss...then use it in your favor when you want something. When he's the protector, you have to get up less often to do things. :) My training has only evolved since my last lesson.

Cori said...

I think I'd be more proud if I thought you were displaying some non-offensive feminist tendencies. But I think you may just be lazy. :)