Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A post for Aaron

Since Aaron still hasn't seen the gifts or the pictures from the shower, I thought I'd post some on the blog. Drum roll, please....

I believe this is me opening up the gift from Paula. It's definitely going to Singapore, Aaron. Loves it.

Tyson had a little too much fun. He passed out.

I was very excited about the coffee grinder from Aunt Karry. Thanks Aunt Karry!!!

The Heffleys and the Spreers hanging out by the yummy food. The cheesecake bites were AMAZING.

Here's what I call the "Spreer corner". The Heffleys' corner was downstairs. They intermingled when they got bored with me opening stuff. :)

The girls watching me open presents. It's like you're 5 again and all of your friends come to your birthday party and sit there and stare at you open presents. Kinda fun. Kinda awkward. Just like me.

All of our fun stuff. It's really hard not to open it up and try it out now. :( I promise to wait till you come home.

Aaron, meet Imola (Mat's fiancee). She's absolutely adorable and very sweet.

Ok so I really hope you look at all of these because it took me 45 minutes to post them. I hope your test went well today!

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