Saturday, March 8, 2008

By the numbers

So it's finally hit me. I get married in 8 weeks. I move to Singapore in 9 weeks-ish. Holy crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy excited about this. I just didn't realize how fast the time would go. It seems like one minute it was Christmas. Then I blinked and it was March. Woah.

I've also been making lists of things I want to make sure to do before I'm gone for a while. Here it is thus far:

  • Eat Taco Bell once a week. (Only small quantities. I still have to fit into my dress.)
  • Soak up everything about my niece and nephews. (I'll start begging to babysit. I've already got 3 playdates lined up.)
  • Walk on KU's campus one last time.
  • Have a 2 am breakfast at Perkins with my best friends like the old days.
  • See my siblings more. I'd love to just stop in to say "hi" for a few minutes everyday.
  • Take my grandma somewhere fun. (Nothing too strenuous. Maybe a little shop somewhere.)
  • Watch as much TV as I can without being lazy. I will greatly miss this big box once I go overseas. (You do remember the post about Singaporean TV right?)

That's the list so far. It'll get much much longer.

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