Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm confused. This is a coffee shop, right?

These signs were planted on every table at the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Aren't coffee shops the #2 place to study with the library being #1?

I might just take back yesterday's post about cheap college in Singapore. What's college without coffee?

Tsk tsk. Get your act together Singapore Coffee Bean.

P.S. I love your Iced Mocha Lattes. No whip.


Ponder Stibbons said...

Yeah, these are all over the Holland V Coffee Bean. Unsurprisingly, there are more students in the nearby Starbucks. Over there, I've seen some (non-student) customers complain to the baristas about students taking all the tables. I guess Coffee Bean decided to repel students in favour of more 'upper class' customers. It'll cost them in the long run.

Anonymous said...

You will understand why students who hog seats for hours with just one cup of coffee are dreaded by businesses when you try to making a living operating a business.

Like you said, they are coffee shops, not libraries. They are commercial enterprises, not community service organizations.

They have to pay rent and generate a healthy turnover daily. A few dollars of revenue for a few hours' air-conditioning, manpower and rent will ensure the business goes bust in no time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I disagree with Anonymous (July 10, 2009 1:29 AM).

Upmarket coffee shops like Coffee Beans and Starbucks business model are more than just selling premium coffee. It's a total experience and ambiance, which should include staying for extended period of time (studying or surfing the net, and enjoying the air-con).

It's more than buying over priced cuppa, drink and enjoy, then be on your way. If that is the kind of experience I'm looking for, I could find cheaper alternative like McDonalds or neighbourhood coffee shops with it's 80 cents coffee.

Therefore, for Coffee Beans to impose an outright ban on studying is missing the point. A more sensible balance (creative solution) could be found.

Anonymous said...

Its a very very bad habit amongst singaporean students. When I was studying stateside, singaporean students used to do the same at IHOP (especially when they had free refill offers!), and the poor waitresses would get real mad at out kids hogging an entire table for hours on end. I used to tell them that whatever tips they could give, it definitely wasn't enough compared to letting others fill the spot, and considering that tips were the lifeblood for waitresses/hostesses, that just wasn't cool and it gave singaporeans a bad name.

degree said...

hahahaha, you don't know about that?
That's very usual at college in singapore or some MacDonald restaurant.
Because a lot student study there and take up the coffe shop table, so the coffee shop cannot get much more consumers here. The most important thing is student never buy a drink and just take up the coffee table to finished the homework or textbooks.