Saturday, July 11, 2009

Usually, they just check my ID

Last night was "Girls Night Out". We ended up in the Clarke Quay area which looks like this in the daylight.

Clarke Quay is mall-esque type place that is plum full of restaurants, bars and little shops. It's all outdoor, but those umbrella-looking things keep the place surprisingly cool. This is a major hot spot for Singapore's night scene. It's also an expat haven.

We decided to check out a club called China One. I think everyone else in Clarke Quay did too. The place was shoulder to shoulder.

This place isn't easy to find. I've never even seen it until last night. It's a bit out of my line of tunnel vision since it's on the second floor. I tend to only look in straight lines that extend straight in front of my face. I have no idea why my peripheral vision is broken.

Anyways, back to the story.

So since it's on the second floor, we had to ascend some metal stairs to reach the entrance. I also do not look up while climbing stairs. So you can imagine my surprise when I reach the top and have this device thrust to my temple by a burly bouncer man. (By the way, the picture is not of said burly bouncer man. He was waaaay burly-er.)

Photo from Reuters
The following conversation ensued:

Me: Woah! Whatcha doin' with that there buddy?

Bouncer man: Just take temperature for H1N1 check.

Me: You guys are hardcore. Usually they just check my ID, but whatever.

The bouncer man then makes a face at my temp reading and says "Eh. Ok, you can go."

Really reassuring, huh? He then stamped my arm with a seal of some sort and let me in the door.

I don't know if you notice, but look at my wrist. I have small patch of hives from where the guy touched me to put the stamp on my arm.

I must be allergic to H1N1 test administrators.

I think that's sufficient grounds for disqualifying me for all future testing.

Write that down, Singapore.


My Three Sons said...
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My Three Sons said...

Wow, they are really making sure that no one spreads that. I think that is good though. Shows you how serious they take that. No do you have a lot of tourist in your town?

Stay healthy!