Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yummy. Delicious. Pot pie.

You are looking at the world's best chicken pot pie and corn muffin combo.

One of my good friends at work made it. She has officially been deemed the sweetest Singaporean I know. She brought Aaron and me this amazing dinner on Monday. Why did she do this? Because she just thought she'd make some extra and bring it in. That's the only reason. Just because.

It made me very aware of just how lazy and selfish I am with my food.


(Note to self: Bring food to work and not be a selfish fatty.)

What makes it worse is that this saint of a woman made all of this deliciousness from scratch. SCRATCH. Do you know how much more work is involved in a chicken pot pie from scratch than a frozen one you plop in the oven? That's a lot of chopping, filling and folding. I wouldn't know much about all that. I'm American. I've been known to have a personal relationship with the Swanson's brand of frozen pot pies.

Yummy. Fatty. Pies. They require no effort. Yet, somehow after too many, my butt appears very large. And by large, I mean huge.

Oh and this dear lady even made the corn muffins from scratch. It's kind of like she's showing off now isn't it? It made me very embarrassed to know that I have about ten packages of cornbread mix sitting in my pantry right now mocking me.

I am also ashamed to admit that it was the best dinner we've had in weeks.

This chick just raised the bar to a level I can't even see.

(Thank you Sandra!)


Sandra said...

Oh my God! I can't believe you put the pictures on your blog. Ha! Ha! And I'm not showing off LAH!! Just in a cooking and baking mood/phase of which you will get no more goodies when that mood dies out. Thanks for the compliment anyway. What can I say, I like feeding nice people. More food to come, so enjoy it while it lasts!

My Three Sons said...

Heck, I still love the Swanson's Chicken Pot Pies! But believe it or not, making one from scratch really isn't as hard as it sounds.

I-Demand-Hungry-Man's said...

Came across your blog rather adventitiously while looking for swanson/hungry-man pot pies in Singapore. Been looking for them for more than ten years, can't find em here, nor can I find them anywhere in Asia, nor in Europe or australia either, and even the navy PX here doesn't have it! :((
To say I'm a pot-pie fan is a bit of an understatement, only other ones I liked were at food sales back in college, and I almost slipped into a weeklong depression after having visited hungry-man's site! I don't think vpost will deliver it here, and the long distance kinda makes it a drag...
Anyway, hope you're having fun on this island, and the humidity isn't driving you nuts...:P