Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Cough Drops or Candy on the MRT

It's official. I have the head cold from hell. My sinuses are at the brink of exploding and my voice is turning rather man-ish. Hot, right?

It's been six days of sniffles and coughing and I finally went to the doctor and got some meds today. They made me wear a mask before the let me in. Karma sucks.

So anyways, I'm fairly sure I'm going to end up with a wicked persistent cough after all of this is said and done. Swollen sinuses and coughing kind of go together like douche bags and popped collars. It's inevitable.

What does that mean? It means I'm going to be sucking my weight in cough drops for the next week. Friggin' sweet. I hate cough drops. I also hate that they actually suppress my cough and justify my need for them.

But after what my friend said to me at work today, I'm a little concerned.

I guess the MRT officials are fining people for eating any kind of candy or lozenge on the trains now.

Here's the video from RazorTV of the Straits Times to prove it.

I'm at a loss here. If I can't have a cough drop, am I supposed to hack my lungs up in the train?

Great idea. Let's get everyone sick. Let them vomit from motion sickness and cough clouds of infectious disease into the air.

But please don't eat that mint or lozenge!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! As for the MRT prohibition on all "food" items, I see it as just nickel and diming due to the current recession, and I hate trains anyway, I would rather just take a bus or cab anywhere.
Get well soon.

My Three Sons said...

That is really crazy. So can you pop one in your mouth BEFORE you enter? Is it because of the litter, some people cannot afford food???? What is the reason?

Anyway's I hope your cold gets better really soon.

TalesOC said...

I actually appreciate that eating and drinking is prohibited on the trains. It keeps them from getting all filthy like the trains in New York City.

I heard that they were getting serious about giving out fines, but I still see people chomping away on huge sandwiches or rolled foods like rice buns or something, and drinking. I suppose they'll never be able to catch them all. (Dang... that sounds like a Pokemon reference).

Anyhow, sorry to hear you got sick, but glad to see you got better. I wound up getting slapped down by the H1N1 a few weeks ago. That was ... hell... for lack of a better word. 104 F fever. My wife was flipping out. She started to worry about whether or not I would die or get brain damage, but I think I made it ok. ^_^