Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dr. delicious Pepper medicine

Finally, I think I'm better. I spent the last three days in bed cuddling close to these guys:

And Gossip Girl, but I won't get into the drama of that. (By the way, I love Chuck Bass.)

These are the drugs that the doctor in Singapore told me to take. I sent my dear, sweet husband to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and he returned with a grocery bag of this stuff.

He even brought me back some briyani rice for dinner. He's a keeper.

With all this medicine, I couldn't even keep track of what to take and when. So, I kinda just took one of everything every once in a while.

But the one thing that I'm sure cured my ailment, was this:

This, my friends, is the coveted "Dr. Pepper" medicine. Remember the conversation I had with my coworkers about Dr. Pepper a couple months back? This is THE medicine. It tastes just like Dr. delicious Pepper.

I'm convinced it saved my life.

My feelings about this have nothing to do with the amount of codeine this stuff has in it either. :)


TC said...
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Sandra said...

I say it once again, weird, weird American girl....