Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want My Baby Back...Ribs

I had a bout of homesickness this weekend.

I get those every once and again. Every time they strike, I try to surround myself in as much America as I can and hope that I can trick my brain into thinking that I'm there.

It usually doesn't work, but I'll keep trying.

So on Saturday, we went to the new Chili's restaurant in Tanglin Mall.

Chili's was a good friend of mine in college. We procrastinated a lot together over El Nino Margaritas. Have you tried one yet?

You should. They're delish.

But if you're an amateur, only have one. They'll knock you on your butt and make you forget all about the paper you have to write for Western Civ.

Not that I know from experience.....Dad.

Back to Chili's in Singapore.

Here's Aaron with our free chips and salsa coupon.

And me with the baby back ribs sign.

Why is it impossible for any man to go to Chili's and not sing the "Baby Back Ribs" song from Austin Powers?

Argh! I had to listen to it all through dinner.

In case you've forgotten it, I've added it to the end of this post. I apologize ahead of time for getting it stuck in your head too. I just can't suffer alone. :)

Dinner on the other hand, was great. No, we didn't have baby back ribs. What we did have tasted and looked just like what we get at home. Same quality, same presentation, same applewood smoked bacon. We all know how I feel about bacon.

The only thing that looked different than the Chili's at home was the bill.


It made my bank account hurt. It also made me wish I was at a hawker. With a huge plate of $2 pineapple rice.

I guess that's one way to get me over the homesickness.

Austin Powers - Fat Bastard Baby Back Ribs.MP3 - Austin Powers


TC said...
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Cori said...

You and Aaron are so cute in your glasses. I love that you got to eat at Chili's. Just seeing your smiling faces makes me miss you more.

TalesOC said...

Nearly every sit down restaurant in Singapore comes with a steep bill, especially when it involves beef.

I'm reminded of when I went to a TGIF in Manila, in the Philippines. I don't remember what our bill wound up being, but I remember checking the price of a New York Strip and it was something like 40 USD after converting it, so I passed.

Kinda neat to hear there's a Chili's here. I ate at a Chili's in Kuwait once. That was interesting. The menu there was a bit different though.

Anyhow, where do you keep hearing about these new restaurants?

Megan said...

I'm surrounded by Americans, especially ones that are constantly out and about. They report back to me on what new things are out and I hop on over.

The Singaporean ladies I work with are also very helpful in telling me the good and bad places around.

That, and I'm a Google addict. :)

TalesOC said...

Hm. Odd. The last person I ran into that I knew for sure was an American was a guy that I walked past at the US Embassy, on that long ramp just past the guard house. I smiled, nodded and said hello. He looked at me like he saw something distasteful and kept walking. Not pleasant at all.... And as far as I know, that's the only American I've seen in Singapore for over a year. Fail.

Sounds like you have quite a network set up though.