Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because pooping on the wall wasn't enough

The geckos are playing a new game at the Spreer house.

It's called "Lose your tail on the kitchen floor".

Apparently, it's loads of fun....for everyone who doesn't actually prepare food in the kitchen.

Stupid geckos.

I'm almost not above killing them.

But I just can't do it. Everytime I try, I think of that damn lizard on the Geico commercial.


TC said...
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Cori said...

You know, I can kill a spider, but a gecko? Blech. There would be guts everywhere. But that disguisting is that? Just come home. What's a little mouse or spider here and there?

TalesOC said...

My problem is the giant roaches and the ants. No matter how much scrubbing and cleaning I do, no matter how much poison, or traps, or baits I set out, they never stop coming. It's like I'm battling all the insect vermin in Singapore.

It makes me wonder what my neighbors are doing? And perhaps it doesn't help that the garbage chute is on the balcony. That's probably like a roachie (doggie) door for them.

Debbie said...

Our condo sprays and fogs the grounds twice a week. We have never seen a bug in our place. That is kindof alarming considering how many bugs everyone else seems to have. Short term...I love not having bugs in our place...I wonder what the long term effects will be from all the spray?

TalesOC said...

Debbie, at the last place I lived we were on the 13th floor. We rarely if ever saw a roach, but still had ants. I think that might have been because we were sharing the condo and our housemates were a filthy bunch that would leave food out overnight on the counters and table.

They sprayed the grounds there once a week, sometimes to the point that it would come into the house on the 13th floor. Later, we'd go downstairs and see hundreds of dead roaches on the cement under the building. It was incredible that so many died each week, and yet there were always more, and always SO DANG BIG!

Well, I lived there for 11 months and I seem to be ok, so maybe you don't have to worry too much!

Shadow and Rob said...

I can loan you a cat. They work wonders for any gecko problems. But then we have spiders since we don't have geckos...What to do?

Brad Farless said...

I think my cat would be afraid of the geckos. Sissy that she is.