Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snow in Singapore

So yeah. I have to admit something. Something that a girl from Kansas should never admit that she did.

It's really, really silly and I should be ashamed of myself.

So here it is:

I actually paid money to be frigid cold, lose all feeling in my hands and sit in frozen, fake snow —all while I was living in a tropical paradise where I never have to do so.

I know. I know.

I am a silly, stupid girl. I should be at the beach or playing in the jungle with monkeys.

But here it is. How many people can say that they experienced winter, indoors, while in Singapore? Not many, right? Yeah, that should count for something.


Oh shut it.

I mean that lovingly-ish.

So like I was saying...

This all occurred at a place called Snow City last Saturday. Snow City is an indoor winter playground. They turn the temperature all the way down to freezing and they pump this huge room full of fake snow. And voila! Winter.

For S$16 you get to play for an hour, rent a coat, snow boots and check out Science City next door.

There's a huge slope for snow tubing (sledding with tubes), a mini playground for kids and an ice bar to rent out.

Unfortunately, the bar is not open during regular hours. It's too bad too. The snow tubing could've gotten really interesting.

I had a lot of fun.....for about 15 minutes. Then I had to leave the snow chamber to thaw out. I could not feel my fingers. (I could've rented gloves, but that also meant that I was renting the millions of germs inside of them too. I had enough issues putting on a very used coat and boots.)

So I had to keep taking breaks. And I had to wind the yucky coat sleeves around my frozen icicle hands so they didn't fall off. And yes, I'm fairly sure that my hands were in fact cold enough to fall right off of my body.

Don't judge me Kansas, I haven't experienced a real winter in almost two years. My body is on Singapore time and climate.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not knockin' the place at all.

The tubing was a lot of fun. Obviously...

Here's my beef with Snow City though:

They do not allow cameras inside the snow chamber.


So that you are forced to spend S$15 to buy one of the pictures they take for you.

I hate hate hate tourist scams and this is definitely one of them.

And yes, I totally fell for it and bought the above picture.

I told you. I'm a silly, stupid girl.


TC said...
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FISH said...

That is the smallest sledding tube I've ever seen! Is it from a Toyota? You need a good tractor tire tube! Or, at least an 18-wheeler tube. :p

Brad Farless said...

I didn't even know that place existed but it doesn't appeal to me.

I actually haven't seen snow in 15 years for various reasons, but mostly because I've spent most of that time living in central and east Georgia, Texas, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and now Singapore.

Sometimes I miss it though. I miss playing in the snow, but the last time I did that I was a kid, so maybe it wouldn't be so much fun anymore.

By the way, I don't think it's so much a tourist trap as an "everyone" trap. Singapore is bad about charging as much as possible for as much as possible. You have to keep your eyes open for that sort of thing. Though, I did pay 15 bucks apiece for two photos from Sentosa. One on the luge and one from the sky lift thing.

Kristen said...

looks like it was a lot of fun!

Megan said...

Fish, it is! Isn't it? One of the guys with us is 6'11". I felt so bad for him trying to fit onto one of those tubes.

I'd never "tubed" before myself. I've used sleds or cafeteria trays back home, but never a tube. If I do it again, I'll definitely get something a lil bigger. My butt keep falling into the middle, causing me to ride down on my jeans. Not such a comfy ride.


I lived in Michigan for 4.5 years and have experienced frigid weather 6 months per year. Sad to say, I have never done snow tubing or sledding or even make snow angels.

Regarding the tourist scam, yeah I hate it when they do that. I have a camera and I love having my camera everywhere I go so I can take pictures whenever I want. Having you pay a hefty sum for a picture you may or may not like is definitely a scam.

Cori said...

Megan Nicole....WTH? Snow is not our friend, remember? It is miserable.

But cute pic. Love your hair. :)

Megan said...

Ha ha ha ha. I knew you'd give me hell, Sis. It was just as miserable as it is back home too. (The cold, not the tubing part.) The snow reminded me of the stuff they make at Snow Creek. It wasn't quite as pretty and fluffy.