Monday, August 3, 2009

"Seoul" Food

Saturday night, when the hacking and sniffles subsided, Aaron and I had a date night. We don't do this often and when we do it's a pretty special occasion.

This night's occasion? The Hangover was released in Singapore cinemas.

Ha. I'm not even kidding.

We were that excited.

I know it's not exactly a holiday, but we had just endured two months of reading our friends' comments about the movie on Facebook. It was almost like torture. It's like having all of your friends talk about Chipotle when you live in Singapore where it doesn't exist.

Oh wait. They do that too.

Stupid friends.

So back to happier things.

Our date night consisted of trying out the new Seoul Garden restaurant in Northpoint Mall. It's Korean BBQ and it's very delicious.

You pick out your raw food, veggies and spices. Then you bring it back to your table to cook it. Each table has this hole in the middle.

You simmer a soup in the center while your cook your food in the cast iron ring around it.

This dinner taught us a couple of things:

1) Ang Mohs aren't so good at making soup. There were no ingredients for potato or chicken noodle. We were at a loss.

2) Ang Mohs also don't know what 75% of the ingredients are at the raw bar in an Asian restaurant. I think I saw big, long things of okra, but aren't you supposed to chop those things up?

(Ang Moh is how the Singaporeans refer to caucasian people, by the way.)

After we finished the edible part of dinner, which consisted of meat, onions and peppers, we pretty much had to dump out all of the soup. Apparently, soy sauce and salty broth don't equal edible soup.

We had fun though. What we knew how to cook was really really good.

Next time though, we need to either bring a Singaporean with us or look some stuff up.


TC said...
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Megan said...

The boneless mutton from the Indian briyani stall downstairs is my absolute fave! That's what Aaron brought me home when I was sick with my cold. I could eat it almost everyday. It's so good.

Anonymous said...

no offence is meant Meg but seoul garden is not real korean food

go to the below food blog for real korean food

TC said...
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Travis said...

Chipotle sucks. Qdoba is way better.

Anonymous said...

Next time, you can consider putting the following in your soup:

Fish Ball, etc (They usually put the soup stuff in the same area. It should be near the fish balls.
Egg(You can mix the egg in).
Plain fish/meat (if they have)

Do NOT put the following in the soup:

Soya Sauce
Meat (The meat they have there is marinated so it will spoil the soup)
There is no need to put all the condiments inside. The food i suggested above will add natural flavours to it

Megan said...

Many thanks to the awesome person who gave the soup pointers! We will definitely take note for our next try. :)

TalesOC said...

My wife is Asian. When we eat at these soup restaurants, where you throw everything in yourself, I let her pick and choose the ingredients. I've been here for over a year now though so I'm starting to get an idea of what goes good together.

TalesOC said...
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