Friday, July 17, 2009


This was the number one "digged" item on for today.

Coincidentally, Phuket, Thailand is the number one place we've been dying to go to since we moved here.

Apparently it's a really awesome beach and a cheap trip.

It looks like this.
Photo from

I know, right? It looks amazing.

Phuket, let's go.

(By the way, it's not quite pronounced that way. At least that's not how I've heard people say it over here.)

For those of you that have been, I welcome tips/info/things-to-know-before-ya-go.


Kristen said...

wow Phuket looks beautiful!

Beth said...

We went to Phuket for years at Xmas time. Amazing trips!

My Three Sons said...

Never been there but it looks like paradise.

Momma said...

Don't forget your shorts.

Erika said...

My sister's friend was there when the tsunami hit in December of whatever year that was. Her family all got separated and washed away in the waves but ended up finding each other at the hospital. Crazy, eh? That's about all I really know about Phuket. But it looks GREAT!!!!! Lol

Debbie said...

We loved Phuket! (I'm an american girl living in Singapore too--I've been here almost a year!)

Definetly stay away from the elephant rides! Serious torture and animal cruelty! Don't support them!

We loved our kayaking and boat trip to Phang Nga Bay! If you're curious about it...

Here is my top 10 for Phuket.

FYI...I LOVE monkeys too! Keep posting photos and videos of them--I'll never complain! (My husband doesn't really like them).

My husband and I love your blog! Keep it up!

Dawn (dandy) said...

OK that got a genuine LOL from me.

Grat picture of the boats!

Brad Farless said...

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Phuket.

We'd been planning on getting to Phuket for quite a while, but just never did it. Unfortunately it rained most of the time, so our activities were restricted. The beach water wasn't very clear either, due to churned up silt.

Is the photo in this picture supposed to be Phi Phi Island? Where the movie The Beach was filmed? That's what it looks like to me!

Anyhow, we're definitely going to have to make a second trip up there in a few months when the weather is better.

Megan said...

Brad, I think it is. We just saw a friend's pictures last weekend of Phi Phi Island and it looked almost exactly like this.

That's a bummer about the rain! I hope you guys had a good time anyway though. At least it's a rather inexpensive trip, so a "re-do" won't kill your bank account too bad.

Brad Farless said...

Very true! That's one thing that's good about Asia. Traveling is cheap.