Monday, July 6, 2009

Sibu Island...Pretty!

There are many times my life when I must say to myself, "Yeah, this kind of sucks, but look how pretty!"

4th of July at Sibu Island, Malaysia was one of those times. I mean that in a good way too. I swear. It was the kind of "sucks" that means "I'm a spoiled brat and have only visited places with air conditioning and all other amenities". This was my lesson in how to suck it up and enjoy nature. Surprisingly, I loved it.

To start, we traveled four hours by bus. Then traveled 30 minutes by boat. Then we arrived at the very rustic resort.

And I mean rustic.

These were our digs for the three day, two night excursion. Notice the absence of an actual door and window. This also meant there was an absence of air conditioning. BUT...Look how pretty!

So yeah. The walkways were made of sand. Sand covered the beach. Actually, sand covered every inch of the resort. Kind of charming until we discovered that we didn't have running water between the hours of 10AM and 5PM. You know what I want after walking around in a virtual human-sized sand castle? A shower. But, I couldn't have one because it's been a dry season and the resort had to ration our water in order to avoid completely drying out the well. BUT, look how pretty!

After spending the days snorkeling, finding "Nemo", eating delicious food and drinking a devilish concoction called "Jolly Juice", we mostly sat around in our sandy, wet clothes. And talked about how friggin' pretty it was.

In all seriousness though, we had a blast. The indoor kids conquered a lot of fears with this trip. I was quite impressed with what we made due without. We didn't have air conditioning, toilet seats without ants, running water (most of the time), a hair dryer or a television.

Did I also mention that I forgot to pack shorts or pants? That was a fun realization.

BUT....look how friggin' pretty!


Cori said...

Sis, that does look beautiful. But the no shower? Yuck. I'd want a shower, too. What did you wear without pants/shorts? :)

Megan said...

I was able to take a shower after 5pm. I just didn't like to wait that long. When I'm done playing in the ocean/sand, I want to be clean right then. Plus, the entire bathroom was open-air. So we had critters in the bathroom. I just never felt completely clean. The view all around us totally made up for it though.

About the shorts/pants issue, I wore the capris that I wore there, my swimsuit/wrap and the one dress I packed. I was not so comfy. I really need to be a better packer ahead of time. :)

mom said...

You still need your mom baby girl.

Travis said...

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

My Three Sons said...

Well I'm not sure if I would like the critters in the bathroom, but your right, very beautiful view.

Brad Farless said...

But Megan! It's so... pretty!

I can totally empathize. When I visit my relatives in the Philippines they don't have air conditioning. There are ants. Sometimes a lot of them and no amount of pesticide can convince them to stay away. And, until my wife and I fronted the money, there was no running water and we spent a few days literally pumping water from a well and carrying it to the house. Gave me a whole new respect for my grandmother who used to do it every day as a kid on a farm in Tennessee.