Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heels and Talons

It's not that I don't love high heels.

I wear them religiously in countries that require less walking than Singapore, but that's not my beef with these. It's just that th....

Wait, a minute.

Hold the phone.

Is that a? Oh wait yes. It definitely is.

Check out the length of that toenail.

She better watch out or she's gonna pop the back tire with that thing. I bet it could even be considered as a deadly weapon. Look at it! It could totally cut someone's Achilles tendon.

Yet, this is not the first or second or third time I've seen heels paired with something uber casual and eagle talon toenails.

Women here love love love their heels. So much so that they often don't even care if they coordinate with the outfit's style or color.

Pajama pants? Let's wear the four inch stilettos! Grubby t-shirt and shorts? Put on the red sequined heels! Athletic pants and a sports bra? Platforms all the way baby.

While I appreciate a cute pair of shoes, I'm not digging the whole idea of "dressy on the bottom, casual on the top". It's like fashion's equivalent of a mullet.

Then come the toenails (that are usually sticking out of the above mentioned heels). I'm sorry, I know this is a cultural difference, but it just absolutely freaks me out. Some of the toenails here are longer than most fingernails I've seen.

So I have some questions.

How do you wear normal shoes?

Don't you hurt people when you walk too fast behind them?

Haven't you cut someone with those before?

Those cover the basics of the questions I have. I'm sure I'll have more later. Now I have to go trim my toenails because I just feel "eewy" after seeing that much toenail.


Brad Farless said...

I saw this same behavior on an MRT. I took a photo of that too. The girl was wearing open toed shoes and had the most hideous damn claws I'd ever seen. With as much as beauty products and pedicures / manicures are promoted here, you'd think women would take better care of their feet and adhere to mainstream fashion trends.

A woman can wear Prada and Louis Vuitton but if she has dragon claws, she's still disgusting.

You've inspired me to post the photo I took as well.

LMC said...

I'm a recent transplant to Singapore and found your blog. Your comments on toe nails today were awesome :). Since arriving it is all I see and I have the same questions run through my head. Clearly they must never wear closed-toe shoes!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Hello! Just stumbled on your blog.

That picture is hilarious! I can't imagine riding one of those with heels!

TC said...
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Megan said...
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Brad Farless said...

PRC is People's Republic of China.

So, I take it "chinager" is bad, crushed English for "China girl".

Thanks for enlightening us on the meaning of ah lian and ah beng. I always wondered exactly what they were, though I'd heard the phrase before.

If these chinagers are more gross than chicks with 6 inch toenails I don't think I want to meet them.

TC said...
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Brad Farless said...

PRC's are annoying. I'm thinking about writing a post about some of them for my "morning edition". he he he