Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all milk in my milkshake!

Singapore, your milkshake does not bring the boys to the yard.

I'm sorry. I had to say it. I loved that song back in the day.

But honestly, the milkshakes here are pretty lame.

I didn't even know I cared that much until a fellow blogger asked me the other day if I'd found a decent milkshake in this country. The blogger, we'll call him Greg because that's his name, has been on a quest for a milkshake that doesn't make him have to fly over the big blue ocean to find it. (And no, McDonald's doesn't count. That's a mix; it's not authentic.)

Oh and you should check out Greg's blog too. He's an American guy in Singapore and he lives in another neck of the jungle. So he has a whole other perspective of the island.

But back to what I was sayin....

Greg wants a good milkshake and he can't find one.

And now I want one too. It sounds so good after walking around in this heat everyday.

Our beef with the local milkshakes? I think they take the name too literally. They taste like flavored milk that's been shaken up. No thickness. No ice cream. No brain freeze.

The stuff doesn't even get stuck in the straw.

What's up with that?

Even Dairy Queen messed it up on Orchard Road.

I know, right? I couldn't believe it either.

My latest milkshake test was last week. My friend from work treated me to Haagen-Dazs at Junction 8 Shopping Mall. We both ordered the Belgian chocolate milkshakes (pictured above).

While the Belgian chocolate part of the equation was delicious, the shake was still merely cold shaken milk.

It was a giant tease. No one likes a tease either.

So, if you know of a place that serves real milkshakes on this island. I think you would be our new best friend if you wrote it in the comments section.


TC said...
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LMC said...

A couple of weeks ago, I found a fairly new restaurant at Raffles City (here it is on someone else's blog: http://kensanuk-food.blogspot.com/2009/09/photobucket_6819.html). I had a burger and milkshake with marshmallows. I was pretty impressed - it was an awesome dinner. I wish I had a pic of the milkshake for you. I thought it would have marshmallow in it, but even better, it came out, two on a skewer, slightly toasted (light brown toasting marks) and was still warm and sticky inside by the time I got to it after my burger. I don't remember the milkshake being remarkable (I was loving the marshmallows), but it was good. If you find yourself over that way, I would recommend it.

Brad Farless said...

My quest is for good pizza.

Be careful about mocking Singaporean milkshakes though. Someone told me I'm a racist for saying there's no good pizza in Singapore.

I think the problem with the milkshakes might be because ice cream is, for reasons unknown, so expensive here. They don't put enough ice cream to thicken it up. People who've never gone abroad won't know the the difference, so they get away with it. Of course, if they did add more ice cream they would triple the price.

TC said...
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Brad Farless said...

I wouldn't rule out the Philippines. They seem to have some direct shipping going on or something with the US, at least from what I saw in the grocery stores the last time I was there.

I didn't bother to check the ice cream prices, but they have a lot of American restaurants too, and lots of dessert places. They seem to be big on American style desserts there.

Lilyana said...

YOu might want to try the milkshakes at Billy Bombers' - i thought i died and went to heaven after licking it all up.

Brad Farless said...

Billy Bombers? The last time I went there the host tried to impress me by telling me the gold patent leather chairs were imported from the US and cost 1000 USD apiece. I wanted to tell the guy he got ripped off but instead I just kept quiet. I did fart a few times before leaving though.

Ken said...

By and large, food here is terrible. You can never get good Japanese, Italian, French, or American. They try... but they always screw it up by adding some funky-ass stuff that makes it taste all Singaporean/Malay.

Whoever said Singapore is the Food Mecca obviously have never been out of this tiny island.

Brad Farless said...

Preach on Ken. Preach on...

Pastamania isn't too bad though, for "fast food" Italian. Depends on what you order.

di said...

Try Billy Bombers :)

Anonymous said...

Everything With Fries!

brought to us by the same ppl behind Awfully chocolate!

the shakes and food's pretty awesome :D