Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stupid Paparazzi

There are two reasons I rarely go out in Singapore

This is one of them.

It's inevitable. Someone always catches me doing something awkward and embarrassing.

There are endless pictures of me on Facebook with ridiculous facial expressions and odd poses.

This time, I was changing my shoes. Singapore is mean to people wearing heels. It makes you hike long distances to find things like bars and taxis and bathrooms.

I rarely wear heels here. Apparently, my feet can still feel pain. I've not yet developed the tolerance of the high-heeled Singaporean women. I think their feet are permanently numb from years of high-heeled hiking.

Oh and the other reason I don't go out?

A friggin' cocktail costs $18.

I can buy a whole bottle of vodka for that amount and play Guitar Hero at my house.

And feel like a rockstar while doing it.


Kristen said...

I vote Vodka & Guitar Hero... my hubs and I have had a few entertaining nights with that combination! lol

Brad Farless said...

Even in the US if there was a choice, I'd rather do the backyard barbecue with booze thing than go out because going out is so expensive. It's on a whole other level here in Singapore though.

Besides, when you're in your own yard or house it's just you and your friends and people that have been invited. It's a more comfy setting!

the Provident Woman said...

I rarely wear heals anywhere. Ouch.

April said...

Maybe if you grew out your toe nails the heals would feel better on you? Perhaps that is where they get their tolerance. What do you think?

Brad Farless said...

You mean if she had toenails like this or this?

Atlantean said...

Hahahahah, awesome post! :D

Anonymous said...


I'm from Singapore and i agree.

I hate the fact that this country is like kinda retarded, everyone speaks Terrible English and the law here is just ridiculous.

Gonna leave ASAP after i get back full payment.

Brad Farless said...

@Anonymous: By "get back full payment" do you mean you had your tuition paid in exchange for a certain number of years of work? I've heard about that. People being sent abroad for Ivy League education in exchange for years of government service.