Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joi Chua, is that a microphone....

or are you just happy to see us?

RazorTV posted the following video today:

Um....I don't think its your sexuality they're questioning (although that may come later.) I think they're questioning your gender, Joi Chua.

What is that thing?


TC said...
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Brad Farless said...

Wow. That sucks for her. I wonder what that was exactly... It seemed like she was blaming it on just lighting, meaning it wasn't a microphone or something under her outfit. I don't buy that. There had to be something hiding under there, but the bone structure of her face and her voice are definitely female.

This reminds me of the video of Lady GaGa that was on the web recently where it looked like she had a bulge in her panties during a live performance. I'd be more inclined to think she wasn't actually a female.

Who knows... I saw some ladyboys in Phuket that I never would've known weren't actually women.