Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scary is NOT delicious

Ok now, I remember that I'm from another culture and everything. I don't always understand things that I see, smell or eat in Singapore.

But really, someone's gotta explain this to me.

How in the world could anyone look at this and say "Mmmmm, lunch!" ?

Because I look at it and say "Oh God! Someone gave us a dead and decrepit fish in a banana leaf! Who would do such a thing?!"

Unfortunately, this was what my friend got for his lunch in Science City. It was a complete accident though. When he asked the gentleman behind the counter what was in the banana leaf, the man said fish, chilli and rice.

Seemed innocent enough, right? None of us had any idea the terrifying scene lay inside.

(By the way, the tadpole looking things are anchovies, I'm pretty sure. Not that that makes it any better.)

My poor friend went very hungry that day. Thank goodness I went with fried rice. It's hard to make fried rice scary.


Singaporean said...

That is like my favourite meal! I could it eat it for my breakfast lunch AND dinner! You should really try it!

The fish is not the juicy fish we are used to. It is more dry and rather salty. On second thought, it does look rather terrible, but it seriously is not as bad as you think it is.

The tadpole looking things are what we called "ikan bilis". Its rather salty as well and depending on the supplier, it can be crunchy or juicy. And yes, i think it is what you called it - anchovies.

TC said...
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Kristen said...

oh that looks awful!

Singaporean boy in Texas said...

Strange? I pretend that cajun blacken fish with dirty rice is my nasi lemak. You certainly can get some similarly awful looking this far south.

Brad Farless said...

That frightens me. It looks like an alien snuck into the banana leaf, ate the meal, and then died, only to be discovered later by an unwitting victim.

The angle of your shot was perfect in making it look more creepy!

The Lion said...

Dorothy, we ain't in Kansas no more.

ursie said...

dude that is the. BEST. malay. shit. EVER.

you honestly shld try it; no point coming all the way to singapore & being so close-minded.. live a little! be adventurous. you won't regret it.

Brad Farless said...

Well, I might take a look at it in a restaurant or something and size it up. Maybe I could eat it after looking it over. Just... Megan's photo makes it look like an alien squid with maggot tentacles or something.

ursie said...

just close yr eyes & eat it! picture idk, roast chicken or smthg?

Sandra said...

Yum, yum, Megan one of my favourite dishes. Hee! Hee! Seriously though it really tastes good. I know I can't get you to try the fish, but I know you would love the rice..

Brad Farless said...

Hey, Megan! Look what I found!


Deidre said...

Yeah, I am a bit grossed out by that!