Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pepper for Dinner

Have you been to Pepper Lunch yet?

It is one of the most delicious restaurants in Singapore. Aaron and I ate there before a movie date last Saturday and it was one of the best meals we've had in a while.

The gimmick of this place is "Do It Yourself Teppan". I'm guessing that teppan is short for teppanyaki, which I've talked about before here.

The way it works is such: You order your food at the counter. Then they bring it to your table in a searing hot grill plate. It reminded me a lot of ordering fajitas in a restaurant back in America. The only difference here is the food is raw on the hot plate.

Then you mix the ingredients together with chopsticks and a spoon while it cooks. When it reaches the appropriate doneness, you pour sauce over the top to stop the cooking process.

Easy peezy.

And you can't screw it up. That's good news for the kids that are clueless about Asian cooking.

It's American proof.

So here's what it looks like:

Aaron got the Pepper Beef.

And I got the Pepper Steak.

The weird yellowish stuff on my steak is actually pepper butter and it's delicious. Aaron has some in his dish too, but it's hidden in the bed of rice. I'm convinced that it's what makes the entire dish so tasty.

But then again, the place is called Pepper Lunch so I'm sure the roasted black pepper plays a part too.

The food is just so so good. It's a little on the pricey side if you're used to hawker prices. We, however, are used to Applebee's and Houligan's prices so it did not scare us one bit.

I wish I could bring my mom to this place. She'd love it. The woman coats everything on her plate in pepper at nearly every meal. This place perfectly speaks her food language.

I should take her there. Just not in Singapore. That's a bit far from Kansas.

Momma don't fly that far.

Looks like I have another recipe added to the list of things to learn before I leave Asia.



Brad Farless said...

This is actually one of my favorite dishes here in Singapore. I think I'd mentioned it at some point. The dish Aaron got is the one that I prefer, but I always add cheese to mine. It really does wonders with enhancing the flavor.

I get this stuff all the time. I used to eat it more frequently than I do now, but I was eating it the day I came down with swine flu, so that kinda killed the dish for me for a while.

In fact, I just had this myself on the 1st! I was kinda surprised to see that I've never blogged about it on my main blog before. I just shot a photo and message off to my Posterous site. O_o

FISH said...

Yep. Definitely, Yum. There's one five minutes away from my apartment. Hidden gem. Artery clogger, but hidden gem.

Brad Farless said...

The closest one to me is in Tampines, one station away. I love to go up there because I get this meal and then I splurge a bit and get the Royal Earl Grey Latte from Teadot.

ksbeliever2004 said...

OH MEGAN! I checked out their site, and watched all 3 videos on how to cook it....I drooled all over the place. My moouth is watering!!! Those look soooooooo good! Is there any way you can send me the Pepper Beef???? You'd BETTER learn to make that so you can fix me some when you get home!!!

Jeroen said...

There is a pepper lunch in milpitas california.

The only one in the US.

If ever you come over to manila philippines, we have PL here!

happy sizzling!


Brad Farless said...

I've made many trips to the Philippines. My wife's family is there. I think I want to seek out a Taco Bell next time I'm there though.