Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Little People on the Fridge

Believe it or not, this is my absolute favorite part of our home.

And not because it's where the food is.

In all honesty though, I love this fridge. Not just because it's one of the biggest ones in Singapore, but because it is the perfect fortay to showcase our favorite little people. Aaron and I hang all recent pictures, drawings, paintings, postcards, coloring pages and sourvenir magnets that we receive in the mail.

We have six nieces and nephews (and two more on the way) back in good ol' Kansas. So we get a lot of cool stuff. I've had to cycle the content three times in the last year so that we are still able to open the fridge doors. This particular picture was taken after a major clean-up of faded marker pages and old Christmas photos.

Both Aaron and I get really excited when we get a new photo or a new art piece in the mail. We always look at it for half an hour and either talk about how cute his or her dimples are or what a genius he or she's become at age 5.

Isn't it crazy how much you love little people that aren't even yours?


Cori said...

My little people talk about you two constantly. Every single time we go to bed, I hear, "It's daylight at Aunt Megan's house..." They miss you so much.

TC said...
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