Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flock Rocks

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After fighting a losing battle with Internet Explorer, we finally decided to get a new web browser. We did lots of research on all of Aaron's nerdy computer sites (love you babe!) and found this amazing new browser called Flock. Flock is now my best friend. Flock is to Internet Explorer what MP3s are to 8 Track tapes. It's a social networker's dream. And my internet crack.

The picture above is a screen shot of what Flock looks like in action. As you can kind of see, you still have your basic necessities such as an address bar, main browser window and basic Internet action buttons. (Please excuse me for not using the correct techie lingo.) Then Flock went and got all awesome on us. See that side bar to the left? That's my update bar. It gives me constant updates on whatever I tell it to while I'm surfing the web. Or in this case, blogging. In other words, I can have it set to update me on what my friends are doing on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter while I find a dinner recipe on FoodNetwork.com. I can set this bar to do RSS feeds and media feeds too. So that means that whenever my favorite news sources post a story, it'll appear on the left. When someone on my Facebook friends list posts new pictures, it lets me know.

What's even more awesome: it tells me this even when I'm not looking at it. See those glowing orange icons above the left side bar? Those mean that new stuff has happened that I haven't checked out yet.

I love it. It's the perfect solution for a gal with Internet ADD. I can see and do it all at once. What once took me an hour to do, takes me about twenty minutes now. I think I'm in heaven.

Aaron thinks I have a problem and that Flock is the crack dealer of my internet addiction.

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Cori said...

Ooooh, me likey. :)