Thursday, May 14, 2009

World's Smallest Dishwasher

I'm seriously considering sending it's picture into the Guinness Book of World Records. Isn't it tiny?

This is what the family housing department (or whatever it's called) gave us in lieu of a real dishwasher. This thing is pitiful. It only fits approximately three plates, three bowls, three cups and maybe a small cooking dish if you're really good at loading a dishwasher. (Or in my case, really good at jamming things in and not caring if some plastic cups are bending from the strain.)

I run this thing all day long. I'm pretty sure Mother Earth hates me. I use up all of her energy, clean water and add dangerous soap to her water supplies because this thing needs three loads to do a day's worth of dishes. As you can tell, I'm not very green at all. (Although, I did switch to ECO dishwashing detergent to help out the streams and such.)

Also, look how much counter space this sucker takes up?

And I know some of you will say "Well, at least you HAVE a dishwasher!" and to that I will say, I lived in crapholes in college that had a better appliance than this. I admit it, I'm spoiled, but when my crappiest apartment in college has better digs than this, I must bitch. And trust me, I lived in some cheap apartments.

I suck at washing dishes by hand. This is something that directly correlates with our health. I'd hate to know that I gave my husband salmonella because I "missed a spot". Then again, the military pays our medical bills. Maybe that will get us a real dishwasher. Hmmm.....


Cori said...

As long as we're not being EcoConscious, I have a confession to make. I've quit using several of my "green" products. They don't clean worth a damn compared to their more poisonous counterparts. Priorities, y'know?

Travis said...

That's hilarious! Not for you though. I didn't even know those existed. It looks like it belongs in a child's play set.

Breanna said...

So I ment to comment this awhile ago about your Kokeshi dolls. Sorry for my tardiness, but I had to share this random fact.

After WWII, many Japenese people were too poor to take care of their babies. So Japenese women would have a baby and take them to a beautiful place to die. Afterwords they would go buy or make a Kokeshi doll to capture the baby's soul.

I made a paper mache Kokshi doll for my art class, and my instructor
s husband is from Japan-so she decided to share that with me.

TalesOC said...

Eh, try living on the economy. I didn't even know there were dish washers in Singapore until I saw the one you pictured in this post.