Thursday, May 21, 2009

Portion size = The size of my love handles

Aaron came across an interesting article a couple of days ago that compared food portions sizes of today to portions in the 70s. My, have our eyes gotten bigger than our stomachs. Actually wait, I'm pretty sure those guts have more than caught up.

Because I didn't like the pictures in the original article, here's a similar article to pick over:

Portion Size, Then and Now

Let me tell ya, it's almost embarrassing to see what Americans consider a legitimate portion after living here.

It was a major challenge for us at first when we ordered food at Hawker stalls in Singapore. We would come back to our table with a little bowl of rice and a small glob of chicken. We were so sure that we'd have to go back for more food. I mean, how in the heck were we supposed to be full off of 5 bites of chicken and a mound of rice? That's just craziness. Then, after we ate and saw how long the line was to get more food --we somehow were full. And ya know what? We got used to it. Now we eat that much and it's the perfect amount. In fact, when we went home last March we ate out a lot and we NEVER finished anything on our plate. We even finally started sharing one meal like senior citizens do. Don't judge.

But really, who on Earth needs to eat a 24oz steak AND a salad AND mashed potatoes AND green beans with bacon AND a chocolate sundae for dessert? That's enough to feed a small village. Are you a village? No? Well, that's not what your butt looks like after eating that.

Did you know that if Singaporeans eat a large meal, they usually don't eat much else for the rest of the day other than a snack or two?

Oh and here, a size 8 is a large. A LARGE.

There's some perspective for portion control.

And...the eliptical machine is calling my name after that post.

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Anonymous said...

OMG...Megan, you made me laugh so hard. When I first settled down in States, I always asked my hubby - I don't understand how you guys can finish such gigantic portion?...Jen