Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Myrna proud

While we were in Japan, Aaron and I stayed at The New Sanno, a resort for military families. It's a fancy resort in downtown Tokyo and for military members, it's crazy cheap. I mean like 45 bucks a night cheap. So this place books up very far in advance and we were lucky to squeeze in for one day. We were ecstatic.

We took a shuttle from the base to The New Sanno and since we arrived pretty early, our room was not yet ready. So we had some time to kill.

This is what we found to fill the time:

Aaron's grandma, Myrna, taught us both how to gamble while we were home in March. Previously, we had never been big gamblers. I usually like to wear, eat or drink what I spend my money on. However, I was not opposed to playing penny slots. There's less of a commitment when it's a few cents. BUT there was another challenge. Have you seen a slot machine lately? There's so many buttons on the frickin' thing that I had no idea which button to push and at what time to push it. They don't have the lever that you pull down anymore. It's all buttons, buttons, buttons. So Myrna taught us both how to play the complicated thingys. And we both ended up winning a wad of cash with her on the penny slots. I liked winning free money. So now I like gambling.

Except this time. Things did not go as well. I'll break it down for ya.

Thursday 11 am
Aaron deposits 5 dollars in the machine.
Megan deposits 1 dollar in the machine.

Five minutes later...
Aaron is up 7 dollars.
Megan is hounding Aaron for more money because she lost her dollar.

20 minutes later...
Aaron is up 10 dollars.
Megan has lost 10 of the 20 dollars her husband gave her.

10 minutes after that...
Aaron makes Megan walk away from the slots because she keeps losing money...and their room is ready.

The next day (Friday) 12pm
Aaron begins on a roll and is slowly gaining more momentum.
Megan is still slowly losing her money.

30 minutes later...
Aaron has accidentally hit MAX BET more than once and has squandered away his winnings down to zero.
Megan somehow got her sad little number up to 13 bucks.

10 minutes after that...
Aaron gets impatient watching Megan go up and down and makes her bet all of her money.
Megan realizes too late that it was actually a scam orchestrated by Aaron to make her lose all of her money so he could go get a sandwich.

Lesson learned: only gamble when Myrna is present. She is the good luck charm. And she will make sure that Aaron doesn't make Megan lose on purpose.

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