Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aaron and His Helmet

Aaron: Check out the helmet that the guys from the Post Office got me for my birthday. Isn't it sweet? They ordered it a long time ago and it just now got here.

Me: Wow. That was really nice of them.

Aaron: Yeah. I really like it. I kinda just wanna wear it around the base.

Me: I bet ya do, Special Kid.

Now we enter the modeling portion of the blog:

Riding his bike in the laundry room, with his helmet

Yeah, he's not even moving in this one. Like I said "he's special".My special boy doesn't ride the short bus.

...he has his bike.


Kristen said...

ha ha! Cute pics... love the helmet!

Cori said...

I get it! He's like Klinger on MASH. He thinks he'll get discharged from the NAVY if they think he has "issues". Good job, Aaron. Get you and my sis home!