Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Ants Go On Marching

After dinner tonight, I went into the kitchen to get Aaron a cookie. (Not me, Aaron. Aren't I nice?) When I arrived, I discovered a carnival of ants congregating on the greasy spoon we used to serve our pot roast. Effing gross.

These suckers descended and conquered in 30 minutes. And for the first time on my blog, that is not an exaggeration. I've never witnessed an ant swarm occur that fast.

So we sprayed the whole two feet of counter top space we own and calmed ourselves down.

Then I went to take a bath. As I was about to turn on the water, I notice a 15 foot long ant march. They were coming in from the light fixture on my bathroom ceiling and travelling all the way down the wall and into a crack just below the lip of my bathtub. I have no idea what they were after, but they were determined. We had to spray the whole bathroom immediately. So that canceled bath time. Breathing in that room now is not possible.

Aaron then went on an ant terminator mission through the rest of the house and found them also in his bathroom and in the living room. All of them are entering our house through the wire mold that runs electricity through our entire house. It's basically serving as an ant superhighway straight from outside.


This is ridiculous.

Upon this realization, I got really scared for my pantry --the site of the last ant attack two weeks ago. So I tip toed in there and gently turned on the light. I bent down to peer into the first shelf.

Then out of nowhere a ginormous gecko with huge black, beady eyes jumped out. I screamed louder than I've ever screamed in my life. (I was actually impressed with my lung capacity.)

After Aaron came running, I just started laughing. "Oh, it's just a gecko! Woopsie."

I'm ok with the lizard living in our pantry. I know he's taking care of the ants for us in there.

I wonder if it's a sign that I've lived in the jungle too long when I'm ok with a lizard living in my kitchen.

**DISCLAIMER** We are not dirty people. In Singapore, you are not required to have a dirty house to attract ants. I'm convinced they come in to tour our air-conditioned abodes. It is pretty hot out there.


Cori said...

Sis, we have ants really bad at times, too. There is a poison called "Terro" and it's wonderful. You just set it out, and the ants march in, eat it, and take it back to wherever they come from so it can kill all of their friends, too! If you want me to send you some, let me know. It comes in a little box, so I think I could ship it.

Megan said...

Thanks for the tip, Sis. I'll look and see if they have it at the NEX, if not. I'll put in an order. :)