Saturday, June 20, 2009

I. Found. Monkeys.

I finally found monkeys in Singapore. The video is very amateur and not so great because of two reasons: 1. We filmed it with our regular camera at sunset and 2. The monkeys were throwing things at us. I think it was the shells of the fruit they were eating.

Silly mischievous, adorable monkeys.

Aaron was sure they were on their way down from the tree tops to attack us and search our bag for more food. I knew they were sweet little monkeys and wanted to stay there for hours and take pictures. I could take being pelted with small fruit for a long time.

By the way, these are monkeys in their natural habitat. They are completely unrestrained. It was pretty friggin' exciting.

I really want one.


Kristen said...

I would have been super excited too!

Cori said...

Beware----I bet you could get caned in Singapore for kidnapping a monkey.

Sandra said...

Hey Megan, finally you found them. Glad you did not get too close. You should have fed them your Girl Scout cookies....