Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Air New Zealand Got Me to Watch a Safety Demonstration

Watch this video. Tell me if you think anything is off.

Did you notice anything odd?

It took me two whole minutes.

That's also the first safety video/demonstration for an airline that I've paid attention to the entire time. I'm a sad soul.


Hil said...

omg, they aren't wearing real clothes!! o_O hahahaha! well, sure kept my attention.

kong-chu said...

hi there!

Was bloghoppin' and stumbled upon your blog. :) Interesting read!

Kristen said...

are their clothes painted on?!

Anonymous said...

That was interesting.

My Three Sons said...

They were different. I'm digging the outfits. Shoes as well.

But your right, I actually watched the whole thing as well and probably have never paid that much attention to the flight attendants when I'm on a plane.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great marketing plan! "We have nothing to hide" - literally! Clothing that's airbrushed on leaves little to the imagination - I didn't notice it until the captain first spoke - at first I thought - what a tight shirt - then I realized - brilliant! - BTW - anonymous is easier - that's all