Friday, June 19, 2009

What a Horrible and Sweet Surprise

The Girls Scouts of America sent the military men and women of my husband's command free cookies today. Isn't that cute? Yeah, in a Chucky from Child's Play sort of way.

It is a delightful, yet terrifying sight to see your husband bring 14 boxes of cookies through your door, free of charge. Delightful in that, I absolutely love Samoa cookies and remember them fondly from my own days as a scout. However, in that delight lies the terrifying truth that if I actually eat 14 boxes of cookies, I will not be wearing anything without a drawstring and lots of elastic.

Are the Girl Scouts sponsored by cotton farmers? or sweat pant manufacturers?

The outlook of the size of my butt does not look good.

Oh and thanks, by the way, you lovely Girl Scouts.

1 comment:

Cori said...

14 free boxes of G.S. cookies??!!

That is ALMOST worth being stationed in the lovely far away Singapore.

Miss you and love you! Will try to call this weekend.