Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Real Simple Life

Have you read this magazine yet? If you haven't I suggest you run to the store today and pick one up. It is the most useful magazine you will ever read. It's also the only magazine I've purchased a subscription to in the last five years.

Why is it so great? Because it makes life simple, just as the title implies. It really does uncomplicate life. It has tips to clear and organize clutter, hammer out quick recipes and how to make/use things in ways you didn't even think about. My absolute favorite section is "New Uses For Old Things". Every issue they take everyday items such as paper clips, lemons or even Ziploc bags and give you a list of new ways to use them. One tip from a past issue was to use a rubber band to help you open a difficult jar. Just wrap the band around the lid and use it to give some grip. It works like a charm.

Their web site is pretty sweet too. Here's the link to the online version of New Uses For Old Things. I get great tips from the site too.

Go ahead and check out the site. Play around on there. Then when you notice two hours have passed, it'll be almost time for you to go home from work.

You're welcome.

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My Three Sons said...

I own a business and that magazine has come there but I have never "looked" at it. Guess I'll have to explore it tomorrow.